Tuesday, July 05, 2016

My Blog Has Moved Again!

My new blog location is www.richardcarrier.info. I will maintain this old blog as a historical archive as I did before. But every other post I've blogged since is now at my home domain, including everything originally published at FreethoughtBlogs. And all my future blogging will be at richardcarrier.info from now on.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving to FTB!

Today I am freezing my Blogger account and moving my blog to Freethought Blogs, a prominent all-atheist venture. This move will help me earn an income doing what I do, and give my work a higher profile so it will do more good. To make my life manageable I won't be posting here anymore, nor accepting any new comments on posts archived here, but I will keep this account open in order to keep its archives up for reference and posterity. (Transferring the archives to FTB proved too complicated.)

Everyone who is on my blogspot email list will still get announcements as always (you'll just be pointed to the new URL from here on out). But everyone who has been following me on feeds, will need to subscribe to a feed of my new blog at FTB. And as I am freezing all commenting here, if you want to pick up any discussion on any blog post I've made here, please comment on my inaugural post at FTB, which I will leave open as a catch-all, where anything I've blogged here can be discussed in perpetuity there.

Party on!