Thursday, March 22, 2007

AC Interview

Christopher Ray interviewed me for Associated Content. See "An Exclusive Interview With Richard Carrier" ( March 20, 2007). It's fairly brief, but I talk more about my Coast Guard experience than I have anywhere else, and about some other things that don't usually come up, so fans might be keen to read it. In addition, for those who are curious, the only projects I'm currently on (and very busy with) are my dissertation and my Jesus Tomb article (see previous entry).

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bloglet Las Jesus

Just a quick update on three unrelated bits of news:

1. Yes, I know all about the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" fiasco. And yes, it's bogus. Its advocates have not only made factual errors and crucial omissions fatal to their case, but their statistical model is completely wrong. I'm writing a critique of their claims for print publication, so I'll announce that here when it's published. But to make a long story short, they have not found the tomb of Jesus.

2. I will be speaking in Las Vegas on Sunday this May 6. Topic and other details have not yet been decided, so I will put a formal announcement here when everything is settled. I just thought I'd send an early heads up, since the date is already a done deal.

3. Bloglet is dead. That means it's no longer possible to "subscribe" to my blog. Worse, if you registered at Bloglet to receive emails announcing updates to my blog, you will not be getting them anymore.

I upgraded my Blogger template, so if you are blog savvy, you can try an RSS feed (the link at bottom is supposed to help with that), but that's no good for most people. What I want is a way to automatically email everyone who's signed up, whenever I add a new post to my blog. I would like suggestions on how to do that, especially if there are any services like Bloglet that actually work. I might just resort to the old low-tech, cave-man method of simply manually managing my own email list. But if there are better solutions anyone knows of, please comment.

For now, if you want to be notified whenever I post, email me at with "Bloglist" in the subject field.

RC out.