Friday, May 28, 2010

The Music of May

Taking a break from renovation and housework for a new addition to my ongoing series on music. I needn't go into too much detail how this time's collection only further proves my original thesis that we live in a glorious post-musical age (though I'll drop some hints). I'll mostly just survey what I've added to my catalog since last I wrote about it. To catch up (if you're new to all this), here's a linklist, in chronological order, of all my posts on my music collection: [1] [2] [3] [4]. The first of those covers the philosophy behind all the rest.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Appearing in Walnut Creek

I apologize to anyone who has been wondering where I am. I've been incommuni- cado for many weeks due to Jen and I having just purchased a home. It's our first owned home in fifteen years of marriage. Being poor, we bought a fixer. And boy has it been. Like a voluntary labor camp I've been working 12 hour days seven days a week (even forgetting when weekends were passing) making the house livable (repairing doors, refinishing floors, figuring out our house's eighty-year-old wiring, taming the yard, cleaning the filth left everywhere by the previous tenants, and endless other tasks, including of course packing, moving and unpacking, which was a herculean task in itself).

I didn't even have a working internet for two weeks. Then I barely found time to access it. I'm close to getting back on my regular track and will then only do a few repair and renovation jobs a week. So if it seems odd that I went totally silent and off the grid for so long, now you know why. I'll catch up comments on my blog here in a week or two.

Due to the daunting tasks required by this new purchase I wasn't going to schedule any more gigs (I already had some locked in for the end of the year, starting in October, but I'll blog about those when time nears). But as a favor to a local atheist leader, I'm taking time out to visit a gated community in Walnut Creek, California, for Atheists and Agnostics of Rossmoor, where I'll reprise my talk Why Everyone Says Medieval Christians Invented Science (for an abstract see my April entry for my previous delivery in Berkeley). There will be Q and A, and I'll be selling and signing copies of The Christian Delusion afterward, as well as my other books as usual.

This will take place Thursday afternoon, next week, at 3pm on May 20 (2010), in the Del Valle Clubhouse on 1751 Tice Creek Drive in
Walnut Creek, CA 94595. It's in the gated community of Rossmoor, so if you want to attend you need to know how to get in: enter in a visitor lane and tell them you are attending the Atheists and Agnostics meeting. I'm assured this is never a problem. The access gate appears to be on Rossmoor Parkway, after which you take the next right on Golden Rain Road, and the next right is Tice Creek Drive and it takes you right to the clubhouse parking lot. You get to
Rossmoor Parkway via Tice Valley Boulevard, turning south onto Rossmoor. All just south of the 680 and 24 freeways.