Sunday, March 09, 2008

Getting Well

I am getting well now. I feel like I've been through a war. Physically weak. A persistent cough. A little out of it. But all the other symptoms have diminished considerably. Now it feels more like a regular head cold. The worst of it was Monday night and Tuesday, then Wednesday night was almost as bad, but since then it's been growing milder. Now I'm just resting and trying to get my strength back. But no hospital needed and no funeral pending. I can't really shout. But imagine me shaking my balled hands back and forth and whispering "Yay!"


Ben said...

lol, good deal.

大聖使徒 said...

Take care Richard!
Half of my office got knocked out by this flu. I myself is recovering as you too.

Edwardtbabinski said...

I had it too. Still have a little cough.

A lot of infections enter via the nasal passages and advance toward the throat and lungs that way. (You're also often coughing up post-nasal drip that drips down into your lungs during the day and evening.) Keeping the nasal passages from infection is therefore important. I suggest getting a nose aspirator at the pharmacy. (Plastic squeeze bulb with a plastic tip you stick up each nostril to inject a hot saline solution). The best solution I've used is a honey-sized jar of near boiling water mixed with a level teaspoon of salt and a level teaspoon of backing soda. The hotter the water, the more it also helps kill the infection. If you can lay on your back and slowly drip really hot drops of this stuff down each nostil until you can't take anymore and then rinse, and try again, that's good, but you can also tilt your head over the sink and with a full bulb of less hot solution inject it into each notril and try to breath in until the solution is past your sinuses and running a little down your throat, then rinse.

Keep lots of tissues handy!

The solution was given me by an EENT doctor who operated to remove an obstruction of cartilege that was blocking my breathing. The baking soda takes the edge off the salt a little bit.

Get well soon!

But that cough may linger for weeks, I still have a weak cough. I probably should aspirate more.

Dana Fredsti said...

We will join you in whispering 'yay!' But louder. :-)

DFB said...

Just a quick comment for edward:


Kyle Szklenski said...

Hi Richard,

I had something like that way back in high school. It was one of the most painful things I ever went through - and I still went to school through it! Most of the real pain occurred over the course of a weekend, and then the cough and snottiness lasted another 2-3 weeks. I certainly hope you get your strength back so you can kill innocent bunny rabbits again. (A small joke).

Did you hear/see the podcast from Infidel Guy about a new book called The Myth of Nazareth, by Rene Salm? You are mentioned! Salm evidently destroys the idea that Nazareth ever existed, or claims he does. I haven't read the book, as it doesn't come out until Easter Day (haha), but he sounded convincing at least.

One said...

Perhaps you've already seen this, but if not I'd like to bring it to your attention:

"In Defense of Antony Flew’s Positions Against Richard Carrier’s Slanderous Chutzpah"


By the way, since W.L. Craig only debates PhD's, will you be debating him sometime in the future?

That'd be something to see!

Man of God said...


Sorry to hear your sick, I will pray for your quick recovery and that you will someday understand the truth and the power of God our Father.

God Bless


Pikemann Urge said...

I know I'm late to the game here, but it's good to see you doing well, Richard.

BTW many people heal more slowly than they otherwise would because of bad diet. If I could convert the world to something it would be to nutritious eating and drinking. ;-)

I don't see you as the junk food/white bread/Nescafé type though.

Kyle Szklenski said...

Man of god,

Did you know that many medical tests and studies have shown that praying for people can actually slow their recovery? There are very few where it actually helps the people prayed for, too. Usually, nothing happens. Then it hinders progress the next most, and then helps the least. So, if you really cared about Richard, you wouldn't pray for him, but perhaps send him something that will make him laugh instead. Or is that what you were trying to do???

Richard Carrier said...

One: I'll add a comment on that blog post to my Flew thread in a few months (when I find the time), but it's more smoke than fire. And yes, a debate is being brokered between Craig and me in 2009, but Craig is waffling on matters of financial compensation that might tank the whole deal (he is asking for an outrageous fee).

K. Szklenski: Regarding The Myth of Nazareth by Rene Salm, I haven't read it, so I can't comment on its actual merits, but it deeply concerns me that he has no relevant expertise and has completely and persistently bypassed the proper channels of peer review. He is only a music teacher, I believe, and at any rate certainly not a trained historian or archaeologist, yet I know his case rests extensively on critiquing matters of considerable archaeological expertise. Contrast his unprofessional conduct with the recent (and analogous) challenge to the claim that Qumran was ever an Essene monastery: the latter began within proper peer reviewed channels and is being argued by amply qualified professionals (and in fact so far they appear to be winning, in my judgment, though a consensus has yet to be reached). Surely if Salm is capable and has a sound case he could do the same. So why doesn't he?

If you learn of any reviews of his book by an actual archaeologist please let me know. For now I just haven't the time to take up the matter myself. All I can say is that I find his claim prima facie implausible. But that doesn't make it false.

Richard Carrier said...

Man of God: Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Kyle P.: You made me laugh (or at least chuckle). But I don't take offense at being offered prayers for my wellbeing. It's just as if some shaman said he'd cast a spell and do a little spirit dance for my recovery. I'd appreciate the thought at least. And so I do. At least he's being nice.

Richard Carrier said...

Just FYI for all, I've been informed that Craig's fee request was a misunderstanding (not of his fault), that he had always intended the fee for us both all along, and only as a suggestion, not a requirement. So there was nothing appalling or sinister on his part. This is good news, not least because it means our 2009 debate is very likely to become a reality, no matter what honoraria are finalized.