Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Breaking News: The Nature of Existence is now available on DVD. In fact, there is an affordable two-disc set available that has 80 minutes of additional material (which possibly includes more footage of Roger's interview with me), and a seven-disc companion set that does what I had hoped for (and asked for in my review of the film in The Skeptical Inquirer): explore all the questions that the film by itself didn't get to (like "Why do you believe that!?"). I haven't seen those companion discs yet, but I'll blog about them if and when I do. I'm sure there is more footage of me in there (as I'll be the one stumping for naturalism).

If you want to buy any of these editions and finally see this interesting movie (or stock it in your library, or give it to religious friends, or what have you), just visit NOE's official website. Oh, and if you forgot what this film is about, take a look back at my past blogs on it (June 2010 and October 2009 and February 2009).


Unknown said...

Here's how it goes:
"Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and love your neighbor, as yourself". Pretty simple really...

Pikemann Urge said...

Beth, if only it were so simple. If this were the religious half of Pascal's Wager, I'm sure more people would have no problem and say "Why not?".

I'm sure that a just God would not ask for anything in return except perhaps that his creations be grateful for what they have (which non-religious people can and should do just as much as religious people).

I am imperfect and simply hope for two things when I help someone out:

1. Thanks (optional)

2. Pay it forward (also optional but more important than thanks)

A perfect God cannot want more than I as he actually needs nothing. Hopefully that is not presumptuous.

Richard, thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about this film. I might hold out for the 7-disc version, though. :-)

Richard Carrier said...

Which God?

Tatarize said...

The one that exists obviously.

Surely Beth wouldn't declare we should love anybody but Thor.

Richard Carrier said...

You're right. Thor really is so lovable. People who think he's mean just don't know him like I do.