Thursday, February 24, 2011

San Francisco in March

I will be appearing in San Francisco next month, on Saturday 26 March (2011), for the San Francisco Atheists, at their usual venue (Schroeder's Restaurant, on 240 Front St., San Francisco, CA 94111), from 4:30-7pm. I'll be selling and signing books as usual.

Description: "From Robots to the Moon: Amazing Science and Technology of the Ancient World" : Dr. Richard Carrier, a specialist in ancient science and technology, surveys just a few examples of amazing achievements in scientific and technical knowledge among the Greeks and Romans, including computers, robots, automated factories, the invention of latitude and longitude, controlled medical experiments, and discovering the elliptical orbit of the moon.

And don't ask what I could possibly mean by "computers, robots, and automated factories." That would spoil the surprise! Come see and find out. I'll be repeating this talk in the St. Louis area later this year. Rest assured it's all based on established peer reviewed scholarship and actual concrete evidence.


AIGBusted said...

Sounds cool! I hope (as always) one of those talks gets recorded. Any word on when your book on Ancient Science will be out?

Richard Carrier said...

My historicity books will take precedence, at least to the point of seeking publication, plus some other items that were already in the pipe ages ago and are only now coming to press this year. My Science Education in the Early Roman Empire will also appear before my book The Scientist in the Early Roman Empire, but the former no earlier than 2012, and the latter probably 2013 (unless I get a publisher for it this year).