Friday, August 19, 2011

Appearing in Fargo

I'm now confirmed as one of the featured speakers at the Fargo, North Dakota "Project 42 Conference" (click that link for all conceivable details), sponsored by the Red River Freethinkers, this September 23-25, with a Friday movie event, a Saturday series of talks (followed by a local debate and meetup that night), and a Sunday panel and activist seminar. I'll be joined by PZ Myers, Robert Price, Michael Shermer, and Richard Haynes (executive director of AtheistNexus and co-host of AtheistNews). I haven't chosen a topic yet, but it will be something fun (possibly a redux of my Rapture Day talk, since Camping's revised prediction of the end is again looming...just a month after Fargo!). I'll be joining the panel as well (an exchange and Q&A on how we got to the philosophical positions we now hold). And I hope to be selling and signing my books throughout

It's a real convention, so it costs to get in, but the prices are reasonable as conventions go. Students get a good rate. And a lunch is included. It's being held at the Ramada Suites and Convention Center in Fargo. It aims to provide a much-needed opportunity for upper midwesterners to meet their fellow godless (you know, folk in all those big empty states up in the middle there that everyone sadly forgets the name of).


Anonymous said...

Me me me! Look mommy, look at all the places *I* am talking... Loftus, anyone?

Landon Hedrick said...


That's a bit lame, I'm sorry. Part of the purpose of this blog is to announce when and where Carrier will be speaking at events. Most people with blogs announce that sort of stuff.

Richard Carrier said...

Indeed. It's my fucking profession. How retarded are these people?

(I mean, really..."announcing appearances" is the very first thing stated in my blog's byline!)

Pikemann Urge said...

(I mean, really..."announcing appearances" is the very first thing stated in my blog's byline!)

People don't read notices. Which is fine - I'm guilty, too. But I have a feeling that even if cl did read the byline he would still make the same comment. Oh, well. I'm just glad that we aren't all the same.

Morrison said...

Thats kind of Lame, too, Landon, considering that you are making fun of Richards self promotion on your blog.

Gotta hand it to you, Richard. You sure have a scholarly speaking style.

Damn right its your fucking blog!

I remember when you spoke in Overland Park Kansas a couple of years ago and used the word "bullshit" or a variation thereof TWENTY TWO TIMES.

And, yes, I have it on tape.

And what is really funny, is that I think you really believe that saying "BullShit" is an Actual Answer to an argument.

Landon Hedrick said...


Speaking of lame, when are you going to stop appealing to Carrier's use of the word "bullshit" in that talk as a means to attack him? You've been parroting that gem in blog comment sections for two years now. It's getting old, like most things you have to say.

The comment from cl was lame because it attacked Richard for announcing that he would be making an appearance, even though that's a perfectly ordinary thing to announce on a blog (and part of the purpose of Carrier's blog). The post on my blog, in case you didn't actually read it, is about something else.

Morrison said...

Landon, I am never going to stop using it.

Until he stops using it.

And I know your blog post is about something else, but it is still ridicule.

But don't misundertand me, I love the smell of atheists bashing each other in the morning.

I will never forget how you let people have the impression you favored Craig in that debate you posted. And how you helped people bash my friend Anna on Amazon.

Yeah, I will keep using all of it.

Landon Hedrick said...

Morrison, I don't know how you got the impression that I "favored Craig" in the debate. (In fact, I don't even know precisely what you mean by that.) And I never bashed your friend Anna on Amazon. I merely pointed out that she could easily quash the rumors that she was "KC James" by explaining that she was just friends with KC James. (And yes, I knew you were KC James.) You can take offense at that if you want. But I was actually pretty cordial with Anna.

Morrison said...

Landon, you just don't quit. Not only am I not KC James, who is a damn good friend of mine in the same Hall this year, but you tried to tie Anna to Frank Walton in a comment.

Actually, she thought pretty highly of you, until we set her straight! Bahahaaaa!!

And we were at the debate between Carrier and Craig. Check the video when it panned over the crowd and jog your selective memory.

You double standard dealer.

mkevin said...

I like you

Landon Hedrick said...

I stand corrected. And no, I don't have the time to re-watch the debate in order to see if I can find you in the audience.

Anyway, good luck with your classes.

Richard Carrier said...

Morrison said... And what is really funny, is that I think you really believe that saying "BullShit" is an Actual Answer to an argument.

Actually, it actually is.

"Bullshit" is defined in standard dictionaries as "A stupid or untrue statement" (or equivalent thereto). Therefore an argument that relies on a premise that is not only false but easily shown to be false (and is therefore stupid and untrue) is literally bullshit. And saying so is a logically valid rebuttal to said argument.

In fact, philosophers have formally studied the semantics of bullshit and sometimes prefer to distinguish "errors" and "lies" from "bullshit," as the latter is formally defined in philosophy as an untrue statement made by someone who does not even know (or care) whether the statement is true. See the treatise by H.G. Frankfurt, On Bullshit, winner of The Book Standard's 2005 Bestseller Awards in philosophy.

Oh, before I close this comment, let me just say... Bullshit. Or, perhaps, bullshit! Bullshit? Bullshit!! Bullshit!? Really, bullshit! Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bull. And. Shit. Shitbull. Shitting Bull. Bull of shit. Shit from bull. Bull. Shit. Shit! Bull? Bullshit!!!!

Morrison said...