Friday, November 17, 2006

Appearing in Ohio

Event Announcement:

I will be the keynote speaker for the Humanist Community of Central Ohio's annual Winter Solstice Banquet in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday, December 30 (2006). Dinner and event run from 4 to 9pm. Tickets are required and must be purchased before December 26.
For more information see the front page of the HCCO website (there has also been an article in The Columbus Dispatch). I will be selling and signing my book Sense and Goodness without God after the show.

The subject of my talk will be Return of the Gapmaster God: Defending Naturalism Today:
That old God of the Gaps is back. They are posturing on the frontiers of science and claiming naturalism can never explain what remains. They are even claiming it hasn't adequately explained what it actually has: the evolution of complex life. There are new and dazzling arguments out there, against even the possibility of a naturalist worldview, and Richard Carrier will tell you what they are and how to dispatch them.
It won't be as dry as it sounds. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll oooh and aaah. Well, okay, maybe not all that. But it will be amusing and interesting. And it will go beyond my book.


Sapient said...

Any chance someone could record a video of the event? I'd like to see it on youtube. :-)

TWRJ said...


Richard you posted your blog at 4:20......Lite it up and blaze it up......

Will Kratos said...

Cool. I'll see if I can get a reservation.

- Jim

Amanda said...

I already have tickets... and I'm looking forward to being amused and interested (with possible giggles and tears).

Unknown said...

I saw you speak in Ohio and was just wondering if there was a video or a transcript of your speech available. It seemed like you had prepared material, so perhaps you could post that up for us? I really enjoyed the talk, and I'm hoping to see you in Michigan too.

Richard Carrier said...

Anti: [Is there] a video or a transcript of your speech available?

No. At least, no recording was made to my knowledge.

And I won't be posting my speech since it's a work in progress. The best of it might appear in something I publish someday, but as a rule I don't publish things I'm still testing on audiences and still investigating and fine-tuning.

Besides, it sounds like everyone loved the Q&A even more, and that was all off the cuff.