Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Nexus of Rick

Alas, it is time to blog. I resisted the idea of starting one for years. But I get so much email from critics and fans I can no longer keep up with it all. So I'll have to use a blog. Here you will find three things, updated every month:

  • Announcements of where I'll be appearing to speak

  • Announcements of all new publications by or about me

  • Choice excerpts from my email and forum postings to fans and detractors

And keep your eye on this inaugural post. Below are all the sites on the web that tell you about me or that link to my work. Since some of these URLs will change over time, I will update everything below so you can always come back here to find where my stuff has gone.

  • Naturalism as a Worldview : Expands and answers questions about my book Sense and Goodness without God and my whole philosophy of life.

  • Richard Carrier's FAQs : Links to all my Frequently Asked Questions lists, especially on the three chapters I wrote for The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave.

  • Richard Carrier's Official Website : My home page, wherever it is now.

  • The Secular Web Library : Links to all the articles I have written for the Secular Web on religion and philosophy, including a bio page.

  • Amazon Connect : As a published author, gives me an official author's page, with lots of biographical data.

  • IMDB Profile : Since I appeared in the film The God Who Wasn't There, I have an official Internet Movie Database profile.

  • Wikipedia : Yes, I'm famous enough to be listed in Wikipedia. No, I did not create or write my own entry there. But it's usually reasonably accurate.

  • MySpace : Personally I hate MySpace, but my wife kindly maintains a small bio page for me there, since that's where my fans often look for me. I far more frequently attend my page on FaceBook.

If there are any other pages about me that I missed (hostile or friendly), please let me know, so I can add them to the master list above.

What am I up to now? For those who are curious, when I launched this blog I was still writing my dissertation for Columbia University, but making good progress on it. I intend to publish it after I graduate, most likely with the title The Scientist in the Early Roman Empire, about the attitudes of various social groups toward natural philosophers and their aims and goals under Roman rule, including early Christian views as well as those of the pagan elite, philosophers, and commoners. I have an endless stream of potential books planned after that, on philosophy and ancient history, but right now I am focused only on completing my dissertation.


Dana Fredsti said...

Hah! I am the first to comment on your blog! HAHAHAHAH!

Welcome to the world of blogging, Mr. C! My head is currently spinning from reading your second post. I think a glass of wine is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to ye ole Blogsphere, my friend! You'll like it.
BTW, refering to your getting carded for beer (above), within the last five years I have been carded for ordering beer and also offered a senior citizen discount at a restaurant!

freethoughtguy said...

Welcome to the, um, "blogosphere!" Outstanding posts so far. It's nice to have a "control panel" for all the Richard Carrier stuff available for your fans. More! More!

David Fitzgerald said...

Here's to the endless stream of books. Cheers! Party on, Rick.

Brian Holtz said...

This blog is going straight to the top of the blogroll of my own blog. Please be disciplined and post at least once a week, even if it's just excerpts from your email correspondence. In fact, I recommend cc'ing as much of your correspondence as possible to a subscription list (e.g. Yahoo Group) for those of us who want more Carrier than is currently on the market. :-)

I'm curious what you think of my posting yesterday discussing how I would have improved my revelation if I were Yahweh/Jesus.

Rick's Mom said...

I was so surprised to see your blog! Soon as I opened the site I was struck by how professional it looked. And I love your avatar.

Amazing to think that computer was made BC. Everyone seems to assume that nothing intelligent happened before He was born.....

Good job....

The Science Pundit said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. For a while there, I was starting to believe that you didn't exist. ;-)

evtujo said...

Cool. First learned about you via "The God Who Wasn't There" and have been an avid reader of your stuff on ever since. Looking forward to more good stuff.