Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Appearing in Indianapolis II

The date has been finalized for Indiana. I'll be appearing in Indianapolis on Sunday, October 26 (2008), at 2pm, in the IUPUI Student Center CE Room A (4th floor), 420 University Boulevard (Indianapolis, Indiana). My talk will be on "Why Naturalism? Six Reasons We Need a Well-Thought Worldview," which will be based on a talk I gave for Atheists and Other Freethinkers in Sacramento that went over really well many years ago. The gist of it is that all the questions that (when answered) comprise a worldview, directly matter to everyone in ways they might not have realized (especially in politics, but even in everyday life), and once we understand why naturalism is the most probable worldview (given current evidence), consequences follow in every area of our life (even in how we vote). Though this draws on my book Sense and Goodness without God, the material is new. I will be selling and signing copies of the book as well.

NOTE: Entry to the event will cost $10.00 per person (or $15 per family), although Friends of the Center get in free (show membership card), as do all Students (show valid student ID). A reception will also be held after the event at the Center for Inquiry Indiana (350 Canal Walk, Suite A, Indianapolis), but reservations for the reception must be made a week in advance with a payment of $10.00 per person ($5.00 for children 5-12, younger children free). There will be enough food for a light evening meal.

P.S. I'll give similar details for the MSU event when I know them, but I can say this much: I will be appearing on the MSU campus in Springfield, Missouri, on the weekend of October 11 & 12 (the exact day is not finalized yet).



Mike said...

I just wanted to comment that I can't wait to meet you and hear you speak. I posted under the entry where you were sick and missed the Darwin Day gathering at IUPUI earlier this year. I thought the content was great, but was looking forward to having you sign my book. :)

Any chance you'll talk a bit about your election thoughts, given that this is directly before?

Richard Carrier said...

Mike said... Any chance you'll talk a bit about your election thoughts, given that this is directly before?

Maybe in Q&A. Politics will definitely be discussed in the main talk, but my points will be more general (or more epistemological) than specific (e.g. specific examples will be generic issues like the importance of actually assessing the effect of different policies on sex education before deciding which to support, and not about who supports which).