Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Appearing This Fall

Just a teaser for now, but I will be appearing in Indianapolis (Indiana) this October and possibly MSU (Missouri State University in Springfield) also sometime this Fall. No other details have been finalized. I'll blog these upcoming events when I know more.


Josh said...

oh YES! I've been hoping that I could see you speak sometime. Springfield isn't too far away, and I would be sure to go!

Will said...

I'll make it out to Springfield myself if this happens.

Looking forward to it. :)

Pikemann Urge said...

My apologies for being off-topic: if possible can you give your readers a brief update as to where you are on the Jesus book?

Unknown said...

Mr. Carrier,

As an FYI, I came across this today, and thought you may like to know about it.



Atheist943 said...

Hi, Rich.

migkillertwo has posted a rebuttal to your argument that the resurrection was spiritual.

I am an agnostic, and I hope that you could refute it.


and part 2


Please post a rebuttal-video!

Pikemann Urge said...

Michael, I'm sure Richard may relish the challenge although usually written rebuttals are far more effective that pointing the video camera at one's face and rambling for ten minutes. :-)

If you can't use the cinematic 'language' fully in your YT videos, the best thing to do would be to do an audio podcast or simply write your ideas down.

ElGordo said...

As I am a proud "Friend", I just got the announcement of your Indianapolis appearance. Or should I say re-appearance! You are simply not allowed to be ill this time around! Look forward to seeing you!

Richard Carrier said...

Pikemann Urge said... Can you give your readers a brief update as to where you are on the Jesus book?

Please put those requests in the appropriate thread (where I have responded).

JT Eberhard: I don't know what you are asking about. The link throws me into the middle of a thread where many different things are said and discussed. As a rule I don't have time for threads (I barely have time for mine).

Michael I don't do video. It's not my thing. I prefer to write. I'll be conducting a formal written debate on that very topic later this year. If you've seen the video by migkillertwo, you could help me immensely by simply listing the points he makes that you think I haven't already responded to (in Empty Tomb and corresponding FAQs) and sending that to me in email. But FYI, I myself build an extensive and irrefutable case that Paul was referring to a bodily reurrection. So if megakiller is doing the same, he is agreeing with me, not rebutting me. Also FYI, I don't even look at comments more than twice a month, so you should cool your impatience. And finally, FYI, if you had actually read what I have written vis-a-vis the resurrection, you would know why I don't believe in it.

Steven Carr (and Gilgamesh!): Thanks for Huxleying, but that thread was far too off topic so I deleted it all. I hope you don't mind. As I note above, there will be a formal debate on this subject at the Secular Web with me and a bible scholar later this year.

Louis said... I know this is off topic, but do you think this will help Christianity?


And please don't send things like that unless it's pertinent to the blog post you are responding to. Hence I cut your original post as a matter of policy.

Atheist943 said...

Thanks for the article.

I apologize for the previous comments.

Marcus said...

Can I get an update on whether or not you will be at msu or not? (the only reason I care is because I am an MSU student)

Richard Carrier said...

I will (at the Springfield campus). As far as I know it will be the weekend of October 12. I can't blog it, though, until I have specific details, which I haven't received yet. I'll blog them when I do.

Marcus said...

alright thanks for the update. I'm excited.